Wine landscapes of the Hageland with a Citroën 2CV (Half Day)


Wine landscapes of the Hageland with a Citroën 2CV (Half Day)

Start point: Verhuurpunt Holsbeek (Hageland)
Distance: 39 km
For the fast drivers: 3 uur
More relaxing ride: 4 uur
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  • Blossoms and fruit
  • Romantic getaways
  • Wine Route

About this route::

Embark on an extraordinary half-day journey through the enchanting landscapes of Hageland with an exclusive Citroën 2CV experience. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the region, marvel at breathtaking scenery, and uncover the timeless charm of this remarkable destination.

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Where to Eat?

  • Brasserie Resto Gempemolen
  • Craywinckelhof
  • Café T Hofke
  • Café Vidange
  • Café 't Klein Verlet
  • Kasteel van Horst

Tips & Must Sees

  • Vineyards and Brown-Burnt Vintners
  • Horst Castle
  • Danouise Vineyard
  • Liemau Vineyard

About This Route::

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Hageland with our 2CV Vineyards tour, equipped with a tablet featuring built-in GPS and an audio guide. Along this route, you will pass by remarkable landmarks such as Moedermeule, Chartreuzenberg, and Horst Castle. This enchanting journey is immersed in the world of wine, taking you through narrow lanes, offering panoramic vistas, and traversing picturesque fruit orchards in full bloom. Arriving at Moedermeule, you can take a moment to soak in the ambiance, perhaps even considering a relaxing terrace visit. Continuing along the partly unpaved roads, you'll venture through the stunning fruit orchards until you reach the center of Wezemaal. From here, the route takes you to the charming rural areas, ascending towards Chartreuzenberg, the first wine estate on the itinerary. After a thrilling descent near Napoleon's Bed, you'll make your way to Galgenberg Chapel and eventually arrive at the captivating Horst Castle. This stop marks the gateway to the heart of the wine region, Houwaart. Consider booking a tasting and tour to uncover the fascinating stories of esteemed winemakers. When the sun graces the landscape, you'll feel transported to a holiday in the southern regions. Take a moment to daydream on a bench overlooking a vineyard atop the Houwaart mountain or venture into the heart of a vineyard for a delightful picnic.