Marvelous Hageland Relax with our Citroën DS


Marvelous Hageland Relax with our Citroën DS

Start point: Holsbeek
Distance: 55 km
For the fast drivers: 3u
More relaxing ride: 6u
  • Adventure activities
  • Family Activities
  • Blossoms and fruit
  • Romantic getaways

Relaxed route through the beautiful Hageland, suitable if you want to take it easy or can only enjoy a few hours. Among other things, you ride past the Houwaart wine region and Horst Castle.

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Escape the fast-paced routine and embrace the enchanting beauty of Hageland with our comfortable Citroën DS. Take a moment to unwind and immerse yourself in a delightful day filled with exploration.

Let yourself be entranced by the picturesque landscapes, adorned with rolling hills blanketed in lush greenery and vibrant flower fields. With our Citroën DS as your elegant companion, effortlessly cruise through quaint villages and scenic roads, as the stress of everyday life gently fades away.

Whether you seek a romantic getaway with your beloved, a relaxing outing with friends, or simply a tranquil retreat for yourself, Hageland offers the perfect sanctuary to unwind. Lose track of time as you embrace the tranquility and serenity that this region graciously bestows.

With our Citroën DS, experience the utmost comfort and sophistication, providing you with the perfect ambiance to fully relax. Sink into the soft leather upholstery, relish the smooth ride, and appreciate the timeless design as you traverse the wonders of Hageland.

Indulge in the luxury of a full day dedicated to relaxation, guided by our Citroën DS to the most breathtaking spots in Hageland. From panoramic vistas to charming vineyards and historical landmarks, each destination holds its own allure, waiting to be discovered.

Leave the worries of everyday life behind and treat yourself to the enchanting beauty of Hageland. Step into our Citroën DS and surrender to the tranquility, elegance, and serenity that this region offers. A day of pure serenity and luxury awaits you as you uncover the breathtaking treasures of Hageland.

Where to Eat?

Horst Castle will be the best choice!

Tips & Must Sees

Hageland wine visitor centre. Boeres/De Ster, one of the oldest café in the Hageland. Hoog Linden, highest point around here. Het Mooi alternatief Wine region with the Houwaart Hill Horst Castle